audit5Heaps of people worry about getting their annual report started. In fact, some people are worrying about it right now.

They’re worrying, knowing what a pain it’s going to be come deadline time if they haven’t prepared, worried that it will all be their fault…

We don’t want you to worry, and we don’t want everyone to blame you when things get crazy, so here’s a gift from Report Machine to you: an email template you can send to your annual report contributors for 2015, letting them about the due dates and so on. If you’re extra-courageous, you can send it today.

So here’s an email template for your 2015 annual report. You’re welcome.


Email template for 2015 annual report

Cut and paste the text below. But don’t forget to stop at your name at the end. 🙂

Dear Contributors,

Once a year, we all stand together in the one special document and tell our story. That story is our annual report.

My name is (name – obvs, if they already know you, leave this out), and I’ve got the task of producing the annual report for (organisation name) this year.

The annual report is a unique opportunity to let (investors/shareholders/stakeholders) know about thing things we’ve achieved this year and the impact we’ve had.

It might seem as though the end of the financial year is a long way off, but we have to get started on the annual report now in order to have it done in a timely way.

I know everyone’s busy and your contribution to the annual report looks like extra work, but if we do it in structured way, it can be completed without too many dramas.

Shortly, I’l be sending out email templates for people to use for their submissions, so keep a look out for one for you and your team.

Here are the dates for production:

Emails sent out by me: (date)

Draft contributions due back from contributors: (date)

Signed-off, final contributions by: (date)

Some of you are already writing reports for other parts of the business, and many people have written plans, emails or performance reviews and so on, so if you know what we need for the annual report you can borrow from these other documents.

Best regards,

(Your Name)


Remember, we also have two checklists you can use in annual report production. One is for people who aren’t the actual editor of the 2015 annual report, but who have to manage someone who does, and the other is for people who are the editors of their organisation’s 2015 annual report.

The other thing to remember is, not very long ago, ASIC released guidelines saying they want people to actually pay attention to what they write in the management commentary of their annual reports; this year, the Audit Standards Board is circulating a discussion paper on the same quality-of-narrative  issues.

Any questions, just email us at reportmachine @ or call us on 0414 988 593.


Kick-off email template for 2015 annual report by

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