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Kick-off email template for annual report 2014

Need to get everyone moving? Can’t think of what to say? Paste and edit this text into an email for all the people who will be involved in this year’s annual report. Template: Kick-off email for 2014 annual report.


Checklists and guides



 Five Ways Out of Annual Report Overwhelm

Five ways out of annual report overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed by the job ahead? Annual reports can be seriously heavy-going documents.

Use this quick guide to get on top of your annual report project, and start sleeping at night!

Annual Report Checklist for Managers

Report Machine annual report checklist for managers (PDF) 

Download PDF checklist for managers

This checklist is for people who are managing or supervising the person who is producing their organisation’s annual report.

Annual Report Editor’s Checklist 

Report Machine annual report checklist for editors (PDF) .Download PDF

This checklist is for people in the editor/writer role for the production of their organisation’s annual report. It contains all the things you need to think about and organise, step-by-step, including planning issues and tips for dealing with contributors.


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We’ll be releasing other checklists and guides for other parts of the process, including a shorter version of this checklist for the people who need to supervise the team doing the annual report.

In the meantime, feel free to ask us questions about annual reports – any question, no matter big or small!


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  • Ask us a question about anything to do with annual reports, editing, proofreading or writing for corporate audiences. We can also help you with grammar and spelling - although sometimes google is the quicker way of doing it.
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